Porter Yoshida Japan

“PORTER” was launched in 1962 as Yoshida & Co.’s original brand. The brand became synonymous with high-quality, "Made in Japan” bags. We are particular about our material, accessories for bags, and sewing technique. We have aimed to make the bags that can be used for a long time and loved by all generations.



Featuring a new color "IRON BLUE" from the TANKER series, which is synonymous with PORTER. This "IRON BLUE" is an elegant original color that has been made into a deep shade of the traditional Japanese color "Tetsukon". The "TANKER" series, introduced in 1983, uses an original fabric developed with the U.S. Air Force's "MA-1" flight jacket as its motif. It has a three- layer structure: nylon twill on the front, polyester cotton in the middle, and nylon taffeta on the back. This three-layer fabric is very light and has a soft bonding texture, and the vivid rescue orange color on the back is very attractive.