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ORIGINALAB Advanced Midsole Paint Marker Silver



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Give your shoes a new look by customising them with ORIGINALAB Midsole Paint Marker (Copper). Can be used on all parts of the shoes including yellowish midsoles. Simple preparation can be done before painting (refer to video).

  • Made In USA, hybridized paint formula
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Works effectively on all midsoles and fabric
  • Permanently overlaps and covers affected surfaces
  • 10mm marker tip with special optimised valve system pump action for optimum flow control
  • Easy to use and self-manage (use like a marker)
  • Good for many pairs depending on coverage & shoe size


    1. Shake Midsole Paint Marker well before use
    2. Remove old paint (if any) using ORIGINALAB Deglazer
    3. Apply a thin coat of midsole paint
    4. Allow to dry for 1 hour
    5. Repeat the process with a second coat
    6. Apply more coats if necessary
    7. Apply ORIGINALAB Arcylic Finisher (Matte) as the final protective coat
    8. Allow to completely dry for 48 hours before use
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