MEDICOM Bearbrick X Porter Yoshida Japan Tanker Iron Blue 1000%



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Hard to find in the market. Limited Sets.


Comes with original box.

BEARBRICK TANKER IRON BLUE Special Edition. The bear-shaped block type figure "BE @ RBRICK" was born under the concept of "creating a teddy bear with a digital image" in 2001, when the teddy bear, which continues to be loved all over the world, celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is made according to the rule of "designing only by printing" without adding anything other than the parts of the main body that are divided into nine parts. BE @ RBRICK is a commemoration of the holding of BE @ RBRICK WORLD WIDE TOUR 3 and the announcement of the new color "IRON BLUE" of "TANKER". Open the zipper on the back and remove the "IRON BLUE" fabric, and you will see the crazy pattern BE @ RBRICK. 1000% BE @ RBRICK is the largest size with a total height of about 700mm with collectors all over the world.

  • 1000% Height: 70cm
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