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ORIGINALAB Premium Shoe Drop Front Box (Clear)

$90.00 $120.00


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Singapore's Best Selling premium shoe boxes approved by Sneakerheads. Inspired by the IRIS Drop Down Shoe Box from the United States of America. We have sold more than 6000 boxes sold to individuals and businesses up to date! 


[ Pricelist ] *Bulk buy with your friends for more discount! Boxes are sold as per piece.

  • 6pcs & up: $15 each + Doorstep Delivery 
  • 12pcs & up: $14 each + Doorstep Delivery *Popular
  • 36pcs & up: $13 each + Doorstep Delivery *Popular
  • 48pcs & up: $12 each + Doorstep Delivery
  • 120pcs & up: $11 each + Doorstep Delivery 

We provide our customers with factory-direct goods, no middlemen costs. Enjoy maximum savings with the greatest value!


The BEST storage/display box to show your sneaker collection to friends or simply keeping them organised and well preserved. The strong structural integration allows you to stack above 12 boxes firmly without wobbling. The ORIGINALAB Premium Shoe Drop Front Box is a must-have in every household to prevent shoe discolouration, moulding due to high humidity Singapore or simply preventing the shoes from collecting dust.

Featured on sneaker sites such as HYPEBEAST, HighSnobiety and #Sneakerhead posts. Sold out within first 3 hours in SoleSuperior 2017 event!


[ Product Details ]

Box Dimension: 35cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 18cm (H)

Storage Dimension: 32cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 15cm (H)

Space: Fits up to men US13 shoe size (Low & High cut) or 6 Inch heels

Box Material: Fortified ABS Plastic (6600PSI Tensile Strength)

Door Material: High Clarity Acrylic Glass (Abrasion Resistant)


[ Features ]

The ORIGINALAB Premium Boxes are designed and made to last. The clean lines and shape of the box are made to blend well with home environment.

Assemble in under 5 seconds with easy to fit in parts. Simply fit and use. Able to disassemble without any hassle for storage or shifting of house. 


[ Delivery ]

Our staff will contact you personally to arrange for the best possible time between 10am-11pm daily. We try our best to match your timing at no additional cost! Expect the order to reach you within 1-2 working days.


[ Additional ]

ORIGINALAB Premium Drop Front Boxes can also be used for other storage in within the house or in office. The use of ORIGINALAB boxes are limitless when it comes to organising anything that you may misplace.

*This item only ship within Singapore.


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